Tips To Score Add Math

Based on my experience, students are very weak in Paper II rather than Paper I. This is very obvious because Paper II are lengthier and the working can go through as much as 1-2 pages long. But don’t worry because the fundamental of math is still the same. So how do you do well in Additional Math ? How do you score in Additional Math?


  1. Study the Grouping of Chapters
  2. Students should practice more on Paper I (Section B and C) and Paper II (Section B and C)
  3. Section A is simple… you can omit this section because most of the SPM students are weak in Paper II.
  4. Tuition Centers wont help much!!! This is because it is too inconvenient for the tutors to guide you on the long questions when solving the easy questions makes life easy for the tutors too. What you can do is to seek help from friends and brainstorm long questions. You can ask your tuition teacher personally or hire a HOME TUTORS to specifically guide you in the paper 2
  5. Always buy books where they provide not just Answers but Solutions.
Last of all, we encourage you to purchase a copy of Exam Tips Books from us.

One thought on “Tips To Score Add Math

  1. tqvm tutor help me so much.tq..hope ALLAH bless you.amin.

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